Helping you help others Better

Public Goods Group is a mission-driven consultancy firm that works with companies, governments, nonprofits and hospitals by helping them help others better.

With more than 20 years of experience, Public Goods Group has worked with many different clients, all with a single goal in mind:

To work within your communities in smart, thoughtful and sustainable ways.



in grants administered to nonprofit organizations in 24 countries

We help companies build and administer grant programs that support marginalized communities within their markets


economic & community health needs assessments conducted

Using data and the community’s voice, our assessments empower organizations to make critical decisions to guide their work


in community benefit programming overseen each year

We work with health systems to strengthen their support for low-income populations within the communities they serve


PGG focuses its work on creating structures, systems and financing mechanisms to support stronger communities and companies. Click here to learn more about our work.

Our Approach

We create changes within Your communities

Public Goods Group is a mission-driven consultancy firm committed to partnering with organizations striving to strengthen their impact within their communities. With special concern for the most in need of support, we use data and community input to build systems that achieve equitable and sustainable solutions for our clients and those they serve. Our work focuses on data, assessments, hospitals, strategy, grants and policy. 

We are active listeners, using both numbers and voices to create a comprehensive understanding of the challenges we’re here to help you solve. We rather show than tell and often employ visual platforms to demonstrate what the data tells us. From there, we help you identify your priorities and then set to the task of establishing how we’ll rise to the work collectively before us. 

clients include: